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Secrets to Perfectly Clipping Your Nails

The nails on your hands are often overlooked in terms of upkeep, but they can be just as important to take care of. Your nails need to be clipped regularly so that they don’t grow too long and make it difficult for you to do things like type or pick up small items. But how much should you clip them? How often should you clip them? What tools should you use when clipping your nails? All these questions will be answered below!

How to cut your fingernails

Clipping your nails is a chore that most people dread. It can be challenging to even get the clippers on your nail, let alone trim it correctly. So we’ll show you how!

  • Step One: Clip off any excess length from the free edge of the nail. How much should I cut off my nail edge: The goal is not to cut the entire length off but instead trim down the edges so that there’s a little bit less than 1/8 inch leftover from the tip of your finger.
  • Step Two: Cut straight across at a sharp angle with no wiggle room for error as close to the end of the nail as possible.
  • Step Three: Use a file or emery board to smooth down and shape your nails into what you desire using gentle strokes up and down each side of your nail until they are just right – this will help prevent splitting and breaking nails in the future manicures.
  • Step Four: Finish by applying a top coat of clear polish.

clipping your nails

Cut your nails properly

Women have difficulty clipping their nails and usually resort to using scissors or clippers that are not designed for fingernails. This is the wrong approach as it can lead to ingrown nails, an infection of the skin around your nail bed called paronychia, and even permanent damage from cutting too close to your nail bed. Misusing these tools can also cause you pain because they were not meant for this purpose.

The best way to cut your fingernails is to invest in a set of manicure clippers to make the task easier and more comfortable. In addition, it would help if you clipped them straight across at a slight angle towards the end of your finger with steady pressure on each side so that both sides meet evenly under the fingernail.

Clipping your nails is an important step to take for a number of reasons, including hygiene. When you clip your fingernails or toenails, the sharp edges are removed, and any dirt that may have gathered on the clippings is disposed of. If you don’t, bacteria can accumulate underneath your nail beds, leading to infections in both your fingers and toes.